Know Your City Bike Kiosk Coming Soon!!!

Know Your City’s bike kiosk will sell tickets to tours, publications and Portland gifts! The bike kiosk will be right next to our downtown Portland location. Now when you are stopping by to get doughnuts, you can also learn more about our beautiful city!!! Be a part of moving Know Your City’s bike kiosk to Old Town and donate today!!!!

After 4 years of programming, Know Your City/ formerly Dill Pickle Club ( is ready for our next step – a street-level presence in the heart of downtown Portland. With no physical location, it’s sometimes hard for people to connect with our programs. While hosting mobile events around the city has kept our overhead low – we need a centrally-located street-level presence to reach more people – and allow locals as well as visitors to find out the latest in what’s going on.

Know Your City will create a custom trailer with the help of Brennan Conaway of the design/build company Micro-Structures ( and frame-maker Oscar Camanera of Simple Bicycle Co. ( to serve as our mobile kiosk in Ankeny Alley. Artist-designed and artist-made in Portland OR, the kiosk is an embodiment of all things local. From here, we’ll sell tickets to tours as well as books on Portland’s history and culture. The kiosk will also provide information about the city, particularly independent businesses in the Old Town area. Even better – as it’s built into a bike – we’ll also be able to bike the kiosk to community events all around the city!