Thursday Nov. 26 2015, between Midnight-2am until Friday Nov. 27 2015, 10am.

Purchasing a dozen of a particular doughnut
Due to supply and demand, we cannot guarantee a dozen of any particular doughnut type available to be purchased on the spot, but if you place an order we can offer you all your belly desires. This is needed due to the busy nature of Voodoo Doughnut, having over 90 different, well-loved doughnuts on our menu.
If you would like to place an order, please call any of our Locations you wish to pick up from with a 24 HOURS PRIOR NOTICE. Remember we are CASH ONLY.

We do not ship doughnuts!!!
Our product has a life expectancy of 8-12 hours. This is not long enough to ship it overnight in a cargo bay with no pressurization that deflates and doesn't "re-inflate" your doughnuts". Anyone who ships you doughnuts is just ripping you off, we won't do it.

When is Voodoo Doughnut open?
-All stores are open 24 hours 7 days a week except certain Holidays, call ahead!

Is Voodoo Doughnut opening other stores?
There are five Voodoo Doughnut's currently in the USA, and one in Taipei City, Taiwan,click here to find one near you.

Are Voodoo Doughnut weddings legal?
Absolutely, 100% legal, unless you don't want them to be. The service is performed by ordained ministers beneath the holy doughnut and a velvet painting of Isaac Hayes, Kenny Rodgers or a Crying Conan (depending upon location).
It doesn't get more legal than that! Click here or call us for more details.

How much does a Voodoo Doughnut cost?
Doughnuts cost between 95¢ and up. They are hand made and come in all shapes and sizes and full of surprises. They are worth every penny.

Where can I see the documentary made about Voodoo Doughnut?
The documentary short about Voodoo Doughnut is called Gimme Doughnut. More documentaries and videos can be found on the Voodoo Doughnut TV page

Do we make custom orders?
YES WE DO! Contact us for your special order of wedding treats, birthday parties, business meetings, movie sets and theme parties.
Contact us for more details.

Do you accepts credit cards in store? Cash only, ATM's available.

Are we franchising? Not yet, but you never know...

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