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Founded in 2013 in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in doughnut-related 7" singles and in EPs, LPs and compilations from the X-Ray Cafe Archives.
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Two more tracks from Dead Moon's infamous April 16, 1993 set at the Portland, Oregon club Satyricon. Dead Moon--featuring husband-and-wife pair Fred and Toody Cole on guitar and vocals and bass and vocals, respectively, with Andrew Loomis on drums--created a sound all their own by blending punk rock, garage rock and country. Their sound is primal and raw and, on this performance, particularly hard-charging and ferocious. Toody Cole called the resulting audio a "perfect storm" of performance, source recordings and post-production. Both tracks were mixed and mastered from the original 8-track recording by legendary punk and hardcore producer Don Fury. Together with the "Live at Satyricon" LP, this represents all of the available audio from an unforgettable night of Dead Moon making underground rock 'n' roll history. Limited-edition hand-numbered plain black vinyl with a big hole for jukebox play.

Voodoo Doughnut Recordings presents the second installment in "Tales from the Grease Trap," the label's series of archival recordings from Portland clubs in the early 1990s. Crackerbash, featuring Sean Croghan on guitar and vocals, Scott Fox on bass and Teddy Miller on drums, were one of the definitive bands from the homegrown Portland punk and grunge scene. This recording, from June 6, 1993 at the legendary all-ages X-Ray Cafe, exhibits Crackerbash's huge dynamics as they move from hard-charging rockers to ballads and back again. Croghan's singular on-stage presence comes across in his vocal roars and searing guitar work. Limited-edition hand-numbered plain black vinyl.

Introducing Devin Millar, a self-taught, multi-talented, 15-year-old whiz kid from Yacolt, Washington. As an adolescent inspired by Daft Punk, Lady Gaga and musicians in his own family, it was only a matter of time before Millar's influences and creative passions coalesced into his own self-composed, self-produced EDM tracks. On his debut album, I'm a Celebrity, Millar's sounds come off as quirky but confident and steeped in classic teenage concerns ranging from footwear to fast moves on the dance floor. Check it out!

East Coast rockers LOW CUT CONNIE release a limited-edition "Back To School" single on Voodoo Doughnut Recordings featuring cloudy-clear 42g vinyl, original artwork and tracks from their critically acclaimed third album, HI HONEY. Featuring Adam Weiner on upright piano and vocals and Dan Finnemore on drums and vocals, Low Cut Connie sounds like modern-day Jerry Lee Lewis with raunchy-yet-sophisticated lyrics and a rocking full band. Memphis legend Greg Cartwright (aka Greg Oblivian of Reigning Sound) guest-guitars on Side A!

The inaugural release from our live archive series, Tales from the Grease Trap. Recorded at Portland's legendary club Satyricon on April 16, 1993, locked in a vault and mixed and mastered 22 years later. Featuring 14 blistering-hot tracks by Dead Moon at the absolute peak of their punk rock powers. Husband-and-wife team Fred and Toody Cole on guitar and bass, respectively. Andrew Loomis on drums. Recorded by Dean Fletcher. Mixed and mastered by Don Fury from the original 8-track recordings. Release date: April 18, 2015.

The inaugural release from our live archive series, Tales from the Grease Trap. Recorded at Portland's legendary club Satyricon on April 16, 1993, locked in a vault and mixed and mastered 22 years later. Featuring 14 blistering-hot tracks by Dead Moon at the absolute peak of their punk rock powers. Husband-and-wife team Fred and Toody Cole on guitar and bass, respectively. Andrew Loomis on drums. Recorded by Dean Fletcher. Mixed and mastered by Don Fury from the original 8-track recordings. Release date: April 18, 2015.

Our entire first year's worth of monthly releases in a deluxe two-piece flocked box set. Inside are treasures galore: a custom big-hole adapter, original doughnut artwork, a photo collage from the heady early days of Voodoo Doughnut and original recordings from The Doughnut Boys, Pink Boxxes, the Deep Fried Boogie Band, Audios Amigos, Poison Idea, Ian Karmel, Nathan Brannon, Le Onde del Cielo, Larry Wilder, the Dickel Brothers, Bergerette, The Gnash, Vodka Wilson Overdrive, Chemicals, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., Girls and God, Tres Gone featuring Jennifer Robin, Vegetable Revival Project, The Pynnacles and Monica Nelson & the Highgates. Plus the available-only-in-the-box-set "Baron Split," featuring the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers and Voodoo Doughnut Barons Cat Daddy and Tres. Twenty-three artists on 13 colored vinyl 7" singles, in all. A baker's dozen!

Monica Nelson from the groundbreaking NW punk band The Obituaries is back with a fantastic new project, Monica Nelson & the Highgates. Featuring John Alan Naylor on guitar, Joe Sanderson on drums and Jeffrey Larson on bass, the Highgates' sound is dark, pensive and steeped in grunge, but not without hope and the possibility of redemption. Side A, "Voodoo Saved My Life," is a doughnut-inspired single headed for the top of the pastry charts. The B-Side, "Love Is Hell," is a blues-inflected ballad full of longing with a terrific vocal performance by Monica Nelson.

Side A, "Blatant Corporate Suck Up Song," is a Farfisa-powered sarcastic stomper from Portland's Vegetable Revival Project. Featuring "Keyboard" Karl Wischnofske on vocals and keys and Eric "the Vegetable" Larson (Poison Idea) on guitar, this tongue-in-cheek corporate worship music blurs the lines between comedy, criticism, art and commerce. Side B, "Glazed," by the Pynnacles, is a mostly instrumental track worthy of Booker T. & the M.G.'s, featuring sporadic vocal tantrums by the one and only Sean Croghan (Crackerbash). All together, the Garage Rock Split is a double dose of fuzzed-out old-school Portland sound.

Two amazing noise/improvisational jazz acts on one single. One is East Coast, one is West Coast. One is super old school, one is very literally New School. "1. Cream 2. Self-aware doughnut 3. We will find food 4. Glaze" is a contemplative doughnut-rich four-part song cycle by Girls and God, NYC guitarist and composer David Scanlon's solo project. Over Scanlon's sparse, avant-garde instrumentation, Andrew Carlson delivers vocal harmonies worthy of recent work by David Byrne and Brian Eno. On Side B, Tres Gone teams up with vocalist and storyteller extraordinaire Jennifer Robin for the wild and wildly entertaining "The Ballad of Rose with No Clothes and Dean's Sugary Cream Doughnut." Formed by members of the Gone Orchestra, Tres Gone features an all-star lineup of Portland's 40-and-over noise scene, including Mike Mahaffay, John Jensen, Mike Lastra, Eric Hausmann and Scott Steele.

Two classic punk acts, side by side, on both sides of the platter. On Side A it's "Doughnut Case" by Chemicals and "I did not go to jail (I went to Voodoo Doughnut)" by P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. On Side B it's "Doughnut Whore" by P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. and "Gotta Get Away" by Chemicals! Both bands are chock full of veterans of the Portland punk scene: Jonny Cat, Jeff Truhn, Richie Preinesberger and Billy Harrington in Chemicals; and Bradly Battin (of the Weaklings!), Kelly Halliburton (of Pierced Arrows!), Scott Williams and Matty K in P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Both cuts from both bands are fast and furious. It's not their first split single together, but it's their first split single together featuring songs about Voodoo Doughnut!

A double dose of sweaty, doughnutty, very male garage punk from The Gnash and Vodka Wilson Overdrive. The Gnash's number, "She Took My Doughnut (And Left Me the Hole)" features cock rock veteran and Portlandia cast member Jedediah Aaker on vocals. "Gonuts for Doughnuts" by Vodka Wilson Overdrive features the edgy vocals of legendary punker Steve Wilson (Rancid Vat) along with the guitar licks by Eric "Vegetable" Olson (Poison Idea). To balance out the gender equation, the two testosterone-fueled tracks are sandwiched between short opening and closing cuts by Bergerette: a trio of foxy ladies (led by writer and exotic dancer Vivalas Vegas!) who sing medieval and Renaissance French sex pop. Scuzz it up!

On "Voodoo Doll Yodel," National Yodeling Champion Larry Wilder directs his Appalachian yowl toward the lore surrounding Portland's original Voodoo Doughnut store. In a pun-filled ballad reminiscent of both "Weird Al" Yankovic and Jimmie Rogers, Wilder spins a tale of true romance and double entendre interspersed with his signature yodel. On Side B, Portland's beloved Dickel Brothers reunite for a doughnut song of their own. For "Mama's Sweet Rounds," the Dickels recorded fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, double bass and vocal parts all at once. The result is holistic and mysterious, as if the song was recorded into a tin can in the 1930s. Yet it is just as full of sly references to libidinous practices as the yodel number.

New Italian-language electronic project from three heavyweights of the underground Swiss scene. Recorded in Portland and mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman, "Melancholic Neopolitan" and "Il Collezionista" are hypnotic, bass-heavy and sexy to the max. Both tracks feature a Roland CR-68 drum machine, Yamaha YC-30 keyboard, Casiotone CT-6000 and the rich textured vocals of Max Usata (Puts Marie, Troika Trash). Usata sings depraved tales of melancholy and obsession in a voice that brings to mind a young Tom Waits and Adriano Celentano. Turn it up!

The cryptically named "(Dilla) jokes" is original stand-up comedy by Portland native and former Chelsea Lately writer Ian Karmel. Recorded at Little Joy in Los Angeles, Karmel cuts way loose on subjects ranging from insults to pork indulgence to other forbidden acts. In "Doughnut Messaging" on Side B, Nathan Brannon discusses how doughnuts could be used as a secret weapon in the War on Terror.

The Kings of Punk are back with a doughnut record! On Side A, "Triple Chocolate Penetration," Jerry A brings out his inner beast, goes down to Old Town and smears three different kinds of chocolate all over his face. The B-Side, "Hypoptic," is a real rocker, fast and loose, reminiscent in sound and spirit of the New York Dolls. And it includes a message from beyond the grave from PI guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts.

Portland's hottest surf rock/instrumental outfit. "Ain't That A Peach" is a swampy, reverb-heavy Duane Eddy-reminiscent original, and an homage to Voodoo's famous fritter. On Side B, Audios Amigos pays homage to Portland punk legends with their "Rip City Medley," which blends original re-arrangements of "54/40 or Fight" (Dead Moon), "Youth of America" (The Wipers) and "Plastic Bomb" (Poison Idea).

Featuring Sam Coomes of Quasi, Chris Slusarenko of Eyelids and Guided By Voices, Brian Mumford of Dragging An Ox Through Water and Paulie Pulvirenti of Eyelids, No. 2 and Nervous Christians. Side A, "Doughnut Make My Brown Eyes Blue," is a distorted, moldy-Portland-basement masterpiece. The B-Side, "(Return of the) Tokyo Cowboy" is like "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" with extra speed, blood, guts and pedals.

The Doughnut Boys throw down the inaugural doughnut song, "It Ain't no Cupcake (Working at Voodoo Doughnut)." Led by Dan Eccles of Richmond Fontaine. Sung by Voodoo's very own former nude janitor, Posterboy! It's a fabulous dance floor hit (and a bit of a protest song) with blistering guitar work from Chris Newman (Napalm Beach). The B-side, "Cheap Bastard," is an indie rocker of the first degree by Pink Boxxes, another Dan Eccles-orchestrated project.

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