Experimental Split

# VDR 010
 Voodoo Doughnut Recordings

Two amazing noise/improvisational jazz acts. One is East Coast, one is West Coast. One is super old school, one is very literally New School. "1. Cream 2. Self-aware doughnut 3. We will find food 4. Glaze" is a contemplative doughnut-rich four-part song cycle by Girls and God, NYC guitarist and composer David Scanlon's solo project. You might know him as one of the main forces behind Killer BOB, or from one of his curatorial and performance stints at John Zorn's performance space The Stone. Over Scanlon's sparse, avant-garde instrumentation, Andrew Carlson delivers vocal harmonies worthy of recent work by David Byrne and Brian Eno. On Side B, longtime Portlanders Tres Gone team up with vocalist and storyteller extraordinaire Jennifer Robin for the wild and wildly entertaining "The Ballad of Rose with No Clothes and Dean's Sugary Cream Doughnut." Tres Gone, formed by members of the Gone Orchestra, is all-star team of Portland's 40-and-over noise scene, featuring Mike Mahaffay, John Jensen, Mike Lastra, Eric Hausmann and Scott Steele. Let's get experimental!

Price: $7.00
Experimental Split
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