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Voodoo Doughnut Logo Round Belt Buckle

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Voodoo Doughnut Logo Round Belt Buckle
Voodoo Doughnut Logo Round Belt Buckle. Handmade Voodoo Doughnut Belt Buckle Made of Stainless Steel! Designed for an interchangeable belt. Measures 2.5" in diameter and will fit any interchangeable belt up to 1.75" in width... The belt buckle's stainless steel is cut, shaped, and welded together by hand. The image is a decal cut from vinyl and placed on the bare stainless steel surface of the buckle. The belt buckle is then powder coated transparent candy pink which gives it it's shine and locks the image in place permanently... The loop that the belt slips through is made from a recycled bicycle spoke from trashed wheels. This is not the exact buckle you will receive in the mail, though the buckle you will receive will be virtually identical. Each one is handmade so there will be slight variances. Handmade start to finish right here in Portland, OR by Rhythmic Metal. *belt not included requires a belt that has the ability to swap buckles...
Price: $20.00
Voodoo Doughnut Logo Belt Buckle
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